When the temperatures outside are getting warmer, we look for ways to cool down somehow. At such times, it is worth remembering the correct choice of clothing for various occasions. After all, your well-being and comfort largely depend on them.


What kind of clothing works best on particularly hot days? What should you keep in mind when choosing clothes for work or social gatherings in the heat? Find some tips below.

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Choosing summer clothes – the perfect fabric for summer


Summer clothes should be comfortable and fit the occasion, but also be practical. On particularly hot days, synthetic fabrics don’t work very well, as they don’t allow for air circulation. Consequently, the skin cannot breathe and cool down sufficiently. This leads to stronger sweating, which adversely affects the way you feel and look.


So what should you wear? What works well on particularly hot days is clothing made of natural fibers, especially:

  • cotton
  • linen
  • silk


which provide continuous air access to the skin. This translates into better condition and comfort.


An alternative fabric, also ideal for summer, is cotton knit. It is a stretchy and soft raw material, which makes the clothing more comfortable. The material is used for sewing T-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, pants, or dresses, but it also works well in many other types of clothing. Cotton knit is recommended for summer clothing production, but it is also a material desirable in other seasons.


What cut should you choose – what distinguishes clothes for broiling weather?


During the summer, when the heat is pouring from the sky, we usually opt for casual, loose cuts. People bet on thin fabrics, loosely flowing around their body. The proper length of clothes also translates into complete comfort.


If temperatures start to get really high, long-sleeved blouses and maxi skirts are usually abandoned. Shorter dresses or shorts, as well as strapless blouses are often chosen instead. All of this is done to improve the thermal comfort and to cool down at least a little during the summer heat.


Summer clothes for work – what to choose?


Even on the hottest days, it is necessary to keep in mind the dress code that applies in different spaces. That applies especially to workplaces and formal meetings, where very specific rules must be followed.


Even on warm days, you should still look elegant at the office. Therefore, women should wear a skirt (or dress) no shorter than knee-length, and a blouse with no exposed shoulders and not too much cleavage. An interesting option are summer suits made of fine linen, consisting of a loose jacket and a skirt or wide-legged pants. For gentlemen, long pants and a shirt or T-shirt are still mandatory (depending on the type of position and occasion).


Usually, a slightly looser cut and a fun color is allowed. On hot days you can wear clothing items in slightly bolder shades, which bring life to the outfit and bring a holiday breeze into the office space. An interesting example are different variants of green or fuchsia – elegant and casual at the same time.


Everyday and festive clothes for summer – high quality guarantees comfort


When choosing clothes for the summer you should pay attention to the quality of each item above all. Products made of breathable materials, well sewn, and perfectly detailed guarantee comfort in wearing and look beautiful even on the hottest days.


It’s hardly surprising, that a growing number of retailers and designers are making every effort to work only with experienced clothing manufacturers who provide high-end garments that are wearable even in broiling weather.


Many brands across Europe have great confidence in Strus Wear, a Polish company with traditions, which creates quality custom knitted clothing for its customers. Such cooperation makes it possible to create original products, distinguished by design and craftsmanship, which are perfect for the hottest days and a variety of occasions.

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Phone number: +48 881 704 304

E-mail: info@struswear.com

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